Founded in 1914 by August Claas, Franz Junior and Bernard Claas in Germany, Claas has been developing and producing intelligent solutions for agricultural machinery for almost 100 years, making life easier for its Clients even in more difficult times. Decades of research have led to the consolidation of a range of products that meet the highest needs and demands of those who live from agriculture.

With factories in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Russia), North and South America (United States of America and Argentina) and Asia (India), Claas has been adapting its products to characteristics, climate and soils of the various regions of the world where they are used.

Featuring an unrivaled range of high-quality tractors, combine harvesters, foragers, forage harvesters, balers and telescopes, Claas is guaranteed energy, efficiency and productivity, combined with the comfort and safety needed for demanding work.